Why Book Our Guides during Your Visit to Kaliningrad Region

It is not a secret that tourists’ impressions of the country, city they are visiting, depend on the Local Tour Guide at some extent. Every Guide has an individual approach in delivering information.  Some of them are too much focused on historical issues and may sound boring. The others are very strict to the itinerary and cannot change the program or route for the tourists.

With Our Company’s Guides it is all different!

So, why book Our Guides during a visit to Kaliningrad?

1. Flexibility.
Every client’s need is very important for us. Our Guides always tailor the tours to Visitors’ needs and interests and are always ready to accommodate all of Their Special Last-minute Requests during the Tour. Being flexible matters a lot. And that is what Our Guides are good at.

2. Non-standard approach.
With our Guides Visitors of  such intriguing city as Kaliningrad can ‘climb up’ to the top of the House of Soviets and visit unusual hidden sights! The tiny little details, but very important ones for understanding the ambiguity of the city will not be missed!

3. Positiveness. Smiles, liveliness, good attitudes, wonderful spirits, as well as jokes, irony all along the tours do make a difference during our Guides’ performance. Delivering only positive emotions to the tourists, but at the same time telling the truth about current situation in the area – that is a real skill that comes with Experience and All Our Truly Passionate Guides have it and master it all the time they are with the tourists!

These Three things are key components of a Fantastic Tour. When combining them, Guides’ performance is the Best. As a result all tourists are happy and satisfied with the services provided and tip our Guides a lot!

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