Tours in Kaliningrad Region

Best Tours in Kaliningrad region, Russia

Curonian Spit: A Unique sand bridge between a storming blue Baltic sea and a water smooth mirror of the Curonian lagoon! Sunset on the Curonian Spit

Curonian Spit is the most popular tour among all visitors, no need to tell about it. It will be special for you! What can you visit? – Lesnoye village, Museum Complex of the Curonian Spit, Museum of Russian superstitions, Muller Dune, Fringilla – Ornithological field station 1, Rybachiy village, Dancing forest, Efa’s Height, Swan Lake! You will come back home full of unforgettable impressions!
open from April 1st till Nov 1st

Svetlogorsk and NatureHave a nice walk along the streets and promenade of a cozy city-garden Svetlogorsk – one of the most expensive resorts on the Baltic Sea and relax breathing fresh sea air on Curonian Spit!Svetlogorsk and Curonian Spit
The city of Svetlogorsk (ger. Rauschen) + Curonian Spit (Lesnoye and Rybachiy) are visited during this tour.

Yantarny and Svetlogorsk:  You will learn more from the history of Amber mining, buy nice souvenirs and enjoy good Yantarny beachesIn Yantarny - view on the Baltic Sea
In Yantarny there are such places of interest as: Museum Amber castle, opencast Amber mine and Baltic Sea!
And of course lunch at 2pm in an open-air restaurant with the Sea view!
The next part of the day you are very welcome to spend in a beautiful town of Svetlogorsk (Ger. Raushen).

Stud-farm and the city of Chernyakhovsk: You will visit the city center with some monuments, churches, find out more about the history of this city, see Georgenburg Castle which is possibly the best-preserved medieval castle in Northeast Prussia.Stud-farm in Insterburg Directly behind the old castle there are extensive 19th century stables. Trip to Chernyakhovsk will take about 1.30-2 hours by car. Stud-farm in the village of Mayovka, Prussian Castles Georgenburg and Insterburg will welcome you.

Baltiysk, Yantarny: You will be fascinated by the secrets Baltiysk still has. Yantarny with its green streets, ridge-roofed houses and the largest deposit of amber  in the world is worth visiting. Baltiysk - German Pillau
Baltiysk (Ger. Pillau) is the main naval base of the Baltic fleet. You will see city center with the monuments, museum of the Baltic fleet, lighthouse in Baltiysk (Ger. Pillau). After lunch you will be taken to another place – Yantarny, where you will find Museum Amber castle, Amber mine and beautiful park.

Baltiysk,  Svetlogorsk, Curonian Spit (Efa’s Height): If you’ve got just one day to see the surroundings – this route is for you! The main places with just catching a glimpse at them within one day! Bear in mind that the trip can take more than 7-8 hours and majority of the time you will spend in the car traveling from one spot to another.Svetlogorsk seaside
First you will visit Baltiysk, see its center with monument to Peter I, Lighthouse, museum of honor, say hello to the Baltic Spit on the other shore. Then the road will lead you through Yantarny to Svetlogorsk – just a short look at the beautiful cozy town, its promenade and the Baltic Sea. And the last destination of one day’s trip can be Curonian Spit: Efa’s Height.

You are also very welcome to visit the city of Polessk and Zelenogradsk.

NOTE: For the Tours in Kaliningrad Region (by car)
Meet up location: the hotel
End location: tourist’s hotel or any other place in the city center that is convenient for the tourist
Duration: 7-8 hours (from 10am till 5-6 pm)

Tour Prices are on your request
Plus consider extra expenses: entrance fees for the museums (€2-3 is average admission cost to the museum) and lunch (please, inform us beforehand if you’re a vegetarian, not all restaurants in Kaliningrad region serve vegetarian food);  some food or a cup of tea/coffee for the guide during lunch break  is always appreciated.

Remember: you can always make changes in the itinerary suggested or offer your own route! All your ideas are welcomed.

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