Shared Tours with Other Travellers

We have a New Offer from Team which might be interesting for all English-speaking tourists on a low budget –

Shared Tours with other travellers!

A little explanation first:
There are no organized tours in English (or hop on/hop off buses) in Kaliningrad so far, no travel agency here offers bus tours for English-speaking single travelers. The only option is to take an individual tour.

Baltic Sea with seagulls

Our idea is simple: You have the opportunity to share the price of a tour with other single travelers who are in the city at the same time as you!
You can share a walking tour, car tour with other people or in case of more than 4 people – minivan/bus tour can be organized!

Interested, want to save money? Then:
Fill in our Short Booking Form by choosing the option “Shared Tour with Other Travellers’
1. E-mail at with ‘Shared Tour’ Topic
2. State the Dates you will be visiting (or already visiting) Kaliningrad region
3. State the Tours you are interested in. After City Tours of Kaliningrad (walking tour, 3 or 7h city tours) the other popular destinations are Curonian Spit, Svetlogorsk and Yantarny!

What will we do?
– We will collect the shared information and group the tourists together. So, the price of the tour will be cheaper for you!
– Two days before your arrival we will email you the price for the tour and the number of tourists wishing to take the tour during the same dates!
In case of ‘no registered travellers’ on the dates stated by you, we will inform you two days before your arrival as well.

Look at the Schedule below, who have already signed up for the shared tour and join them!

The more travellers we have, the less you pay!



DATES (in 2018)

City tour (3h)   Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Walking Tour (evening and morning)   Thursday – Sunday
Curonian  Spit   Friday – Monday
Svetlogorsk and Curonian Spit  Friday – Monday
 + Aug 15
Baltiysk and Yantarny  Every Saturday, Sunday and Monday
Chernyakhovsk  Every Thursday and Monday

Contact us and book the tour or use our Simple  

We are Looking Forward to Hearing from You and Meeting You in Our Beautiful Region!