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Best tours in Kaliningrad, Russia:

New Cultural Tour
A Tour that Creates ‘Feelings”. Listen to ‘Kaliningrad’:
– Hear its Sound by attending the concert of Organ Music in the Koenigsberg CathedralOrgan in Koenigsberg Cathedral
– Visualize its past, see its present by visiting the Art Gallery
– Taste local food with traditions dating back to Koenigsberg times by having lunch in the old Rossgarten Gate
– Admire a prominent citizen who was born and lived in Koenigsberg -Immanuel Kant
– Visit cinema ‘Zarya’ which became an integral part of Kaliningrad life
– Find out more about outstanding people of Koenigsberg

3-4h  Short City Tour (by car):

– House of Soviets’ area, King’s Castle excavation site (if it is operated), Bunker museum area, Kant’s monument
– Rossgarten Gate, Amber Museum area, Vasilevskogo Sq., Victory Sq.
– Koenigsberg Cathedral area, Fish village
(if time left – Fort#5 area)

7h the Most Popular City Tour (by car):
10am – House of Soviets’ area, King’s Castle excavation site (if it is operated), Bunker museum, Kant’s monument
11am – Fort #5 or Amber Museum area (King’s Gate, Rossgraten Gate)
1pm – lunch at the restaurant in the city centre
2-5pm – Mira Avenue area, Victory Sq. , Kant’s island, Fish village (Lighthouse), Koenigsberg Cathedral

World War II, its traces:  This tour is for amateurs of military things, World War II. You will see Soviet monuments built after the war, military technique things.World War Two in Koenigsberg (present Kaliningrad) You can choose to take a look at more military spots: on the way to Khrabrovo Airport there’s an open-air museum of military techniques.

Program of the Tour:
10am – 1pm – the bunker museum, fort #5 (open-air war Memorial), plane monument in Chkalovsk (Ger.Tannenwalde) settlement
1 pm –1.40 pm – lunch at the restaurant in the city center
2 pm – monument to 1200 guardsmen, eternal flame, Victory park,  tank –T34 monument, Vasilevskogo sq., Marinesco statue, defensive barracks Kronprinz, torpedo motorboat monument
3.30 pm – The King’s Gate1 (exposition is about some facts from the history of Konigsberg-Kaliningrad) or Friedland Gate2  (expositions  from Koenigsberg life, virtual walk along Koenigsberg streets)
  1 except Mondays and Tuesdays
  2 except Mondays

Kaliningrad in the past: This tour is for all who want to find out more about the past life of Kaliningrad when its former name was Koenigsberg. Zoo in the pastYou will see old German houses (but painted anew), visit the old streets, surviving parts of Koenigsberg. In Museum Friedland Gate you will take a 40-minutes’ walk along Koenigsberg streets in the past, feel the spirit, atmosphere of the old city and hear its sounds.

Program of the Tour:
10-11am  – ‘King’s castle’ – excavation site, what’s left… Bunker museum
11am –1pm – Old German districts to see: Amalienau, old houses with red-tiled roofs, German villas at Kutuzova str., Komsomolskaya str., Chapaeva str., Ogareva str., Schilera str., Pobedy av.
1-2pm – lunch at the restaurant in the city center
2pm – Fishing village, Kant’s Cathedral
3.30pm – Friedland Gate1  (Virtual walk around Koenigsberg  – video, pictures of Koenigsberg), exposition – Koenigsberg of the 1st half of the XX cent.
  1 except Mondays

Soviet Kaliningrad: Kaliningrad from the Soviet past…

House of Soviets

Soviet Kaliningrad

A city totally closed for foreigners. A city with the largest in the USSR fishing fleet, and one of the most numerous command weapons and troops. Strangely enough, but it is not easy to separate it from the present-time post-communist Kaliningrad, which, and it adds even more to the ambiguity of the city, still has Koenigsberg inseparably interweaved in its fabric. It reminds of a photography collage, where bits and pieces put together sometimes have nothing in common. We will be visiting more or less the same sights as others do on their sightseeing tour, but our focus will be on the city from 1946 to 1991.

– House of Soviets, History and Art Museum, Obelisk with 4 orders at the entrance to the Sea Fishing Port, Mosaic at Kievskaya St., Sovetskaya stolovaya (for lunch break), South Station: railway museum, RSFSR coat of arms, Kalinin, Lenin, Flee market, World Ocean Museum (including the Memorial to Pioneers of the Fishing Fleet), Great Patriotic War memorials (1200)

Forts, Gates of Kaliningrad: This tour is for amateurs of old architecture, Forts and Gates.

Gates in Koenigsberg You’ll be acquainted with the fascinated system of forts in Koenigsberg, its defensive fortifications.

Program of the Tour:
10-11am – Fort  #5 or Fort # 11
11-12am – Rossgarten Gate,  Torre ‘Der Dona’
1-2 pm – remains of the Lithuanian Wall, King’s Gate (museum)1
2pm – lunch at the restaurant in the city center
3-5pm – surviving Zakhaim Gate, Friedland Gate2 (museum), Brandenburg Gate
1 except Mondays and Tuesdays
2 except Mondays

Main attractions of Kaliningrad: You will get aсquainted with the history of Koenigsberg, visit well-known sights – Amber museum, Kant’s Cathedral, etc.Ship-Museum Vityaz in Kaliningrad

Program of the Tour:
10 am – 1 pm – King’s Gate, Amber Museum or Kant’s Cathedral (the Kneiphof history museum, museum of I. Kant ), souvenir shops
2 pm – lunch at the restaurant in the city center
3- 5pm – Museum of the World Ocean, museum-ship “Vityaz”, Submarine.

NOTE: For all City Tours by car:

Meet up location: the hotel
End location: tourist’s hotel or any other place in the city center that is convenient for the tourist
Duration: 3-4 hours for short tours, 7 hours for long tours

Tour Prices are on your request
Plus consider extra expenses: entrance fees for the museums (€2-3 is average admission cost to the museum) and lunch (please inform us beforehand if you’re a vegetarian, not all restaurants in Kaliningrad serve vegetarian food);  some food or a cup of tea/coffee for the guide during lunch break  is always appreciated

Remember: you can always make changes in the itinerary suggested or offer your own route! All your ideas are welcomed. By the way all tours can be combined with listening organ music in the Cathedral and tasting local food.

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