Top 7 Attractions to See in Kaliningrad Region that Most Tourists Forget or Don’t Know About

I think every place has some corners known only to its locals. Kaliningrad region is not an exemption. We have many attractions that are included in the guide tours offered by tour companies, written about in the guide books. But for some reasons (either the point of destination is too far or it’s not so important, there’s no point in visiting it) some things to see are not mentioned about. If you want to visit these attractions on your own, read about them below and enjoy their existence! Combine the well-known places of interest with not so popular but still important sights.

Here’s for you Top 7 Attractions to See in Kaliningrad region that Most Tourists forget or Don’t Know About:

1. Pyramide: situated in the mystic place that used to be a square of parades in German times – spiritual attribute  of  German Army; at Maloyaroslavskaya str. (former Exerzierplatz Str.), started to be built in 1921 – the year of 666-anniversary of Koenigsberg, finished in 1923; consisted of 666 blocks and 13 ledges;
2. Fort #3 (under renovation right now) – named “King Friedrich Wilhelm the First”, located on the hill called earlier Kvednau in the very end of Nevskogo str., on the right side from the exit to Zelenogradsk;
3. The oldest fresco in Kaliningrad region found in 2006 – fresco of Apostle Pavelin Khrabrovo village (Ger. Powunden) on the walls of St. Barbara’s Church (XIV cent.) not far from the small international airport sector;
4. St. Adalbert’s Cross on the way to Baltiysk: erected to commemorate bishop St. Adalbert who died the martyrs death in 997 for the Light of Christianity;
5. Sand bunkers on the Baltic Spit, left from Germans who built them to protect the Baltic shores during WW2;
6. Part of flooded tunnel in Baltiysk – evidence of tunnel existence that connected Pillau with Frishe Nerung;
7. Museum Valdau in Nizovye village that tells about the history of Castle Valdau and that land, was opened in 2008.

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Written by Olga
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