Top 6 Ecotourism places to visit in Kaliningrad region

Warm spring months and summer days are just around the corner. It’s the right time for travelling! Enjoying nature or so called ecotourism has become popular among the tourists for the past few years.  Everyone can get tired of noisy life in the city and we are attracted by far-away places, where we can be pleased by the silence of the forest, the smell of the fruit garden, the scent of the field flowers and grass, where we can find pleasure by listening to the birds’ singing, drinking a glass of fresh milk and plunging into calm and regular village life. Kaliningrad region has also made preparations for welcoming the tourists, whose passion is spending time outdoors, relaxing by hunting, fishing, picking berries, tasting local food and delicacies of the season. Our region has very beautiful nature places worth visiting.

Here are for you Top 6 Places of Ecotourism in Kaliningrad region:

1. The most popular one is surely Curonian Spit.  Narrow strip of land and movable dunes.. this is the visiting card of the Spit. Slow strolls along the wood’s paths, picking berries , fishing in the sea and bay can be combined with visiting unique places – such as “Epha’s height”, “Dancing Forest”, “Muller’s height”, “King’s Forest”!

Visiting nature

Ecotourism places in Kaliningrad region

2. Polessk (ger. Labiau), located in the north of the region. There are a lot of rivers and channels. The district is called “New Zealand”. It received its name because of the complicated water system – part of its territory is located below the sea level or lies on the zero level. River Matrosovka and village Matrosovo with cozy German old houses are amazing and peaceful and worth visiting!
3. Bagrationovsk (ger.Preucisch Eylau). It can offer hunting (wild fowl is popular), strolls along the alleys of the beech groves (Klinbekskiy forest park), trips by bicycles and quadro-cycles, yacht trips by Kaliningrad Bay, boat trips along the channels of “Cane Venice”, in the district of peninsula Balga. Everyone can enjoy Russian sauna, delicious cuisine of fowl meat cooked according to the olden recepies.
4. Slavsk (ger. Heinrichswalde). It was the favourite place of rest for Kaizer Wilhelm II. It has huge wild forests, untouched by man, the biggest and picturesque swamps in Kaliningrad region, meadows, numerous rivers, lakes, channels, rich in fish and fowl, ecologically clean air and water. In Slavsk district there’s one unique place – nunnery in the village of Priozerje. On the territory of the nunnery you can visit churches, ostrich farm, cafe, where you can taste local food – scrambled ostrich eggs, local herbal tea with honey and jam.
5. Krasnoznamensk (ger. Lasdehnen). It can offer you attractive fishing in the rivers Sheshupe and Neman and lakes of the area. You can catch vimba, pike, burbot,  crucian carp, european carp etc. You can try horseback  riding, bicycle riding and enjoy boat trips.
6. Nesterov (ger. Stalluponen). It is the most distant district of the region. The pearl of the district is the Vyshtynets lake, sometimes it’s called “European Baikal”. Born about 90 thousand years ago in the ice age, the lake is filled by water from the numerous streams and water sources. 22 kinds of fishes live in the lake including eel and sig. The district Krasnolesje in this area was the former imperor land. Local village estates offer rest in comfortable rooms. Chickens and goats walk in the nearby yard, boar grazes in a separate yard. Home-made borsch and cheese are adorable!

Welcome to the Ecotourism places in Kaliningrad region!

 If you have already been to any of these places, share with us your opinions by adding your comments below!

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