Top 6 Answers – Why Choose Kaliningrad One of Your Main Destinations in Russia?

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Here’s it is:
There’s no need to advertise Moscow or St. Petersburg – they are well-known Russian cities and have a lot of tourists each year because of their rich history but firstly because of having a status of two famous, main, important Russian cities. So, why should I choose Kaliningrad? – You may ask.  It has its own peculiarities like any other city – You may say. Yes, it has – I will reply. But its peculiarities can be named one of the unique in the world and make Kaliningrad a special spot of destination. I’m not going to deny Moscow and St. Petersburg status, no, I totally agree with the fact they take first places in Top Russia’s Main Tourist Destinations.  So, let me suppose Kaliningrad is taking the 3rd place, right after Moscow and St. Petersburg. I’m not emphasizing the importance of Kaliningrad here; I will just name Top 6 answers to the above question in the title:


1. Has Four Histories on One Land – Prussian, German, Soviet and Present Russia;
2. Is Westernmost Point of Russia and Doesn’t Have Any Land Connections With It;
3. Is Unique Place in Europe with Two Spits: Curonian (put on the UNESCO list) and Baltic; 
4. Has Mysteries All Around With Some Riddles Not Solved;
5. Has 90% of The World’s Amber Supplies

And the last but not least:
6. For European Travelers – You will not find any closer Russian destination than Kaliningrad!

Enjoy your stay!

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