Top 5 Towns to Visit in Kaliningrad Region

If you’re in Kaliningrad and would like to see more than just the city center, forts, museums in the city, follow this advice – Visit towns in Kaliningrad region!  Choose the town  by your interests, order car tour to see it or visit it by yourself . One day will be enought to feel the atmosphere of the town,  get acquainted with its history and enjoy its pecularities! So, F.Y.I. – Top 5 Towns to Visit in Kaliningrad Region.

 Top 5 Towns to Visit in Kaliningrad region

1. Yantarny (Ger. Palmnicken). It is a town of inspiration, surrounded by ‘Sunny’ Amber things, rich in history and beautiful nature – Baltic Sea, lake, sand beaches, forests! The opening of summer season is at the end of May/beginning of June. Yantarny is a well-developing town with such attractions as ‘The open site of the Amber Factory’, The Museum of Wood, Anna mine. It’s a good place for scuba-diving and surfing!

2. Svetlogorsk (Ger. Rauschen): It’s a modern town with cosy streets, attractive buildings, fancy hotels, luxury resorts and rich history, ‘pearl’ of the Baltic coast. You will feel the pleasure  of walking along pure streets, breathing fresh sea air!

3. Baltiysk (Ger. Pillau): It’s a military town, used to be closed for foreigners, opened in 2010. It’s a town by the Baltic Sea, important port with rich history, full of attractions and mysteries!

4. Chernyakhovsk (Ger. Insterburg)it’s a town with old buildings, streets; history is in everything here… Take a look at Prussian castles: Insterburg, Georgenburg and you will be plunged in the life of those times …

5. Curonian or Baltic Spit: not towns, but good locations to spend time in! They are different! If you like ‘civilized rest’ in a hotel or small B&B, with good food to eat, special signed routes to take – then go to the Curonian Spit – You will like its beauty! If you prefer ‘wild rest’, with only two small grocery stores, ruined German things to see and be close to nature with almost the same beauty as on the Curonian Spit – choose the Baltic Spit for your one-day destination and you won’t regret!

Hope this blog will help you to make your mind and choose destination outside of Kaliningrad!

Enjoy Your Staying in Kaliningrad Region!

Written by Olga
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