Top 5 Tips for Backpackers going on a trip to the Baltiс Spit

If you’re a backpacker visiting Baltiysk and wishing to get more impressions from your trip, go to the Baltic Spit (former Frishe Nerung)! It takes only 10 minutes by ferry and yo u’re on the ‘wild’ land with only 1200 inhabitants, full of secrets and mysteries! Hope 5 tips below will help you not to get lost on the Spit and get unforgettable impressions.

Top 5 Tips for Backpackers going on a trip to the Baltic Spit

1. Check the ferry schedule – especially plan the time of your way back. F.Y.I.: ferries go 6 times a day. Return tickets are 70 rubles per person. It’s 380 rubles if you’re travelling by car.
2. Take care of the sleeping places beforehand just in case you may be late for the last ferry to Baltiysk. There are three options to spend night in: camping “Baltiyskaya kosa”, guest room in the old German house or a tent close to the sea and pines that is very popular here!
3. Take good provision of food and water as No restaurants are available. You can buy some food at the grocery shop. There are two of them on the spit close to the place where the ferry comes. Don’t risk to stay on the Spit starving!
4. Use the help of a local guide, only guide knows where the German bunkers are hidden! Don’t just visit the Baltic Spit, experience it! And please, take a torch if you’re going to see the bunkers.
5. And the last but not least – the tip from one experienced foreign tourist that is very useful for all summer travellers: Take mosquito repellent! Be aware of mosquitoes as they are especially in love with non-native blood and flesh-)

Good luck on the Baltic Spit!  Have a good time there!

If you’re a backpacker who has already visited the Baltic Spit, share with us your impressions by adding your comments below!

Written by Olga
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