Top 5 Tips for Backpackers Going on a Trip to Polessk (ger. Labiau)

I assume a lot of tourists have been or at least know about Curonian Spit, that one bank of it is washed by the Curonian Lagoon.  Curonian Lagoon can be enjoyed not only from the Curonian Spit. Such area as Polessk (Labiau) in the north-east of Kaliningrad region is situated quite close to the Lagoon. You can be unfamiliar with this area, so Get to know it better using my Top 5 Tips below!Castle in old Labiau

 Top 5 Tips for Backpackers Going on a Trip to Polessk (ger. Labiau)

1. On the way to Polessk (if you travel through Gurjevsk – ger. Neuhauzen) in the village Turgenevo (ger. Gross-Legitten) you will definitely see a Lutheran church  (Catholic church before, building of the XV cent.). It’s worth stopping by!

2. Labiau castle can draw your attention: there’s a museum there inside. Just to let you know its owner speaks Russian and German and is very knowledgeable. If you speak only English, my tip – use the guide services. Museum has  a very interesting history indeed as well as the city of Labiau.

3. Walk across the Bridge that is a real pearl of the city, restored in 2002.

4. Water tower built in 1907 is worth seeing as well!

5. 4 km north from Polessk in the village of Zalivino (Labaginen) on the bank of the Curonian Bay – the German lighthouse survived till our days. So, don’t miss your chance to see it!

Good luck in Polessk!  Have a good time there!

If you’re a backpacker who has already visited Polessk, share with us your impressions by adding your comments below!

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