Top 5 Tips for Backpackers Going on a Trip to Chernyakhovsk (ger. Insterburg)

It’s always good to read some tips before your trip is settled.  Especially if you’re traveling quite long distances. It takes about an hour and a half to get from Kaliningrad to Chernyakhovsk – a long way to make, and you should definitely be well-prepaired for it. I hope the following tips will be useful and helpful for you!Castle Georgenburg in Mayovka village

Top 5 Tips for Backpackers Going on a Trip to Chernyakhovsk

1. Don’t miss the ruined buildings on your way to Chernyakhovsk (See details on Blog “Top 5 Things that you might be interested in on your way to Chernyakhovsk”);
2. Visiting Georgenburg stud-farm (Mayevka village) is a must, excursions are held in German and English, make a call beforehand to order the excursion!
3. There are not so many restaurants in Chernyakhovsk where you can have good lunch. I would suggest 2 options: restaurant in Hotel Kochar at Lenina str. and restaurant in Hotel Georgenburg but the last one opens only from the 1st of May;
4. Pay particular attention to the old houses of beautiful architecture at  Sportivnaya str. (ger. Konigsek),  named “Royal corner“, Komsomolskaya str. (ger. Jordanstrasse), Pionerskaya str. (ger. Wilhelmstrasse) and Brandes villa at Dachnaya str. – a good example of eclectic style architecture – XIX cent. It’s awesome they survived!
5. There’s a small History museum at Krupskoy str. 6: don’t miss the opportunity to ‘ride’ a Russian and German motorbikes there-)

Good luck in Chernyakhovsk!  Have a good time there!

If you’re a backpacker who has already visited Chernyakhovsk, share with us your impressions by adding your comments below!

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