Top 5 Tips for Backpackers going on a trip to Baltiysk

Are you a backpacker dreaming to visit the city of Baltiysk (former Pillau)? –  You found the right tips for reading. Yes, entry to Baltiysk is free right now, it was recently opened for foreign visitors, no permit is needed, no passport control. If you’re traveling on your own to Kaliningrad region, Baltiysk is a must-see city. 5 Tips below will help you to get more impressions of your trip to Baltiysk.Pillau town/present Baltiysk

Top 5 Tips for Backpackers going on a trip to Baltiysk

1. Go to Baltiysk by bus, it’s the most fastest and shortest wayThe public buses leave from the Central Bus Station (next to the South Train Station).
2. Take a torch if you want to see the underground tunnel that connected Pillau and Frishe Nerung and was flooded by the Germans in 1945. Have a look at where it was and what’s left from it. Don’t miss it – only locals know where it is.
3. Take a Russian-English dictionary or a phrase-book. You will be disappointed to find out that the inscriptions written on the exhibits in the Museum of the Baltic Fleet are in Russian only.
4. Or you’d better use the English-speaking guide if bothered with translations. Take care about it beforehand because there are no guides speaking English in the Museum.
5. If you’re by the Gates to Pillau fortress and hear some words muttered by the Russian guard,  just know he says: ‘’stay before the red line”. And remember if you see a military man, run away as fast as you can…        kidding of course : )

Good luck in Baltiysk!  Have a good time there!

If you’re a backpacker who has already visited Baltiysk, share with us your impressions by adding your comments below!

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