Top 5 Things to See on the Baltic Spit (Kaliningrad region)

If you’re already in Baltiysk or planning to visit it, keep in mind one more point of destination that is only 10 minutes by ferry from Baltiysk – Baltic Spit (or Vistula Spit).
It’s an amazing strip of land for those who are tired of noice and looking for solitude. Here are a few things you might be interested in when travelling to the Baltic Spit.

Top 5 Things to See on the Baltic Spit

1. Ruins of gigantic plane aviation complex built by Germans in 30-s years of the XIX cent.: hangars of German aviation with underground aircraft repair plants flooded by now, runway, tower clock that was used to show the time of planes taking off to bomb USSR, hydroharbour of German aviation
2. Bunkers inside the dunes! Only locals know their location -)
3. Ruins of the ancient knight castle Lochstedt (13th cent.) used as a fortress. Amber room can be possibly hidden in its cellars!
4. Ruins of the Western Fort (1869) – the one of Pillau fortifications. The stone with the date of fort foundation can still be seen on the fort vaults.
5. Common graves to Soviet soldiers who perished on April 26th, 1945 during the storm of Frishe-Nerung, just a few days before the victory. Probably it’s the most western memorial in Russia. The evidences of military actions can be noticed around: rusty shells, remains of German fortifications by the shore…

And of course beautiful nature all around with pine woods, dunes, sea and wide sand beaches …

Enjoy your stay on the Baltic Spit that is full of mysteries and secrets! Trip to this land can be a real adventure for you!

Share your own travel experience of visiting the Baltic Spit in Kaliningrad region, add your comments below!

Written by Olga
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