Top 5 Things to Know from the History of Curonian Spit

Curonian Spit (ger. Kurische Nehrung) is the main attraction for all tourists who come to Kaliningrad region. It has perfect nature to enjoy, the bird station founded in 1901, sand dunes and of course rich history that is known not by everyone.
Here’s for you Top 5 Things to Know from the History of Curonian Spit:Museum of the Curonian Spit

1. The fleet of the Curonian Spit till the middle of the 20th century was sailing. Distinctive feature of the boats was that they had flat bottom, so they could sail very close to the shore.
2. Because of the sand storms in 16-18th centuries on the Curonian Spit front doors of the houses consisted of two parts in order people could get out of the house if the lower part of the door had been blocked by the sand.
3. Even on the territory of the Curonian Spit two castles were built by Teutonic Knights’ Order: in 1330 Pillkoppen castle was built, in 1372 Rossitten was founded and obeyed Koenigsberg’s castle; both castles didn’t survive till nowadays.
4. Glider sport was very well developing on the Curonian Spit from 1922, when after World War I Germany was not allowed to have motor aircrafts. This is how the famous Rossitten planery school was founded.
5. Annual income from the fishing industry on the Curonian Spit was so big that up untill World War II Curonian Bay was considered to be the richest fishing pond of Germany.

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