Top 5 Things to Know about Teutonic Knight

In the 13th century Teutonic Knights Order understook a campaign to conquer the Prussian lands. This is how the fortress Koenigsberg was founded and in 1525 became the capital of the Order.
Who were those Teutonic Knights?Knight

Now you will know that:
1. The Knights lived in the castles (around 40 of them were built on the territory of present Kaliningrad region, at least 18 of them survived till nowadays, of which 9 left in ruins). The castles became the confirmation of Knights’ big power.
2. To become a Teutonic Knight, one took a Special Oath and swore to follow Order’s regulations (called Statute) abandoning his property, praying for 5 times a day and listening to God, keeping the fast.
3. Knights slept in clothes on the hay sacks to be always ready for the battle. The room was always lit.
4. The Knights’ outfit was distinctive: white coat with the black cross. The clothes had no decorations: even buttons were not allowed since they were considered to be decoration, only strings were used.
5. Teutonic Knights‘ arms were very expensive (45 cows = equal one village at that time) though no silver and no gold on the arms were allowed. recommends to visit such Castles left on the territory of Kaliningrad region as Georgenburg, Insterburg, Labiau and Shaaken with museums inside and guiding escort. If you would like to see the ruins, Balga and Brandenburg can be the right choice.

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