Top 5 Things to Do when You are in Yantarny (ger. Palmnicken)

I bet you often come across the name of Yantarny (ger. Palmnicken) when reading about Kaliningrad region. ‘Yantarny’ originates from the Russian word ‘yantar’ meaning ‘amber’, so Yantarny is the city of Amber. It is attracting more and more tourists nowadays. The city is having a rapid development from 2008 and right now there are a lot of things there worth visiting. Best time to come and see Yantarny is summer for sure. To get to know Yantarny better, use my Top 5 Things to Do when You are in Yantarny.Park in old Palmnicken/present Yantarny

Here they are:

1. Take a spade and find the semiprecious sunny stone on a special sand ground made on the site of the operating open-cast or take part in International festivity “Amberfest” in Yantarny held annually in summer.

2. Feel the Amber from inside the Amber Pyramid made of 800 kg of Amber. Relax sitting on the bench there! Amber will absorb all your negative energy! Physical strengh and good spirits are guaranteed!

3. Stroll in the Bekker’s park among the old trees (planted in the end of 19th cent.) and Enjoy a good lunch in the restaurant with a sea-view at the end of the park.

4. View the Amber creations of craftsmen on display in the exhibition complex at the Amber castle.

5. Swim in the lake close to the Sea where the water is always warmer than in the Sea and Stroll along the main road taking a look at the old German houses left in Yantarny.

Good luck in Yantarny!  Have a good time there!

If you’re a backpacker who has already visited Yantarny, share with us your impressions by adding your comments below!

Written by Olga

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