Top 5 Things that You Can be Interested in on Your Way to the City of Chernyakhovsk (ger. Insterburg)

Traveling to the city of your destination can be much more interesting  and attractive if you have a chance to see the old things that come on your way, to stop and take some pictures of them. Of course it’s always better to know what these things are… not just to take photos of them but be acquainted a little bit with their history. It can be a problem for foreigners to get some explanations when they see the ruins, the old buildings, because we have no inscriptions on them (I do hope – so far), if even there’s some informaton – it’s only in Russian. A lot of tourists find it so hard to travel on their own around Kaliningrad region. I believe the information provided below will make the trip easier for tourists who are going to visit Chernyakhovsk by themselves.Arnau church in Koenigsberg times

Here they are:

1. Arnau Church of the XIV cent. (now Church of St. Great Martyr Kathrine) – the first old building you will come across after you leave Kaliningrad. You’ll see it on the right side. To see it closely, take a right turn to Nizovye, then Rodniki. Don’t miss the turn! Famous Arnau treasure can be still there by the way:-) It was hidden by a church attendant in Arnau when Napoleon approached Prussia.

2. Remains of Taplaken castle (built by Teutonic Knights Order in the XIV cent.) – are in the village of Talpaki (ger. Taplaken). It’s one of the lands that almost preserved its historic name! Take a left turn when you enter Talpaki and you’ll see Talpaken.

3. Ruins of the Oval Church that was built in 1733 in Mezhdurechye village (ger. Norkitten). You’ll definitely see it on your left side when you enter the village.

4. Ruined Bismark Tower of 1913 – one of installations that survived on the territory of Kaliningrad region. It’s 8 km north-west from Chernyakhovsk in Krasnaya Gorka village. From the hill where the tower stands there is a beautiful view on Chernyakhovsk.

5. Zaalau castle (1355) – was built on the land of salt mine. Now the land is called village Kamenskoye that is around 15 km before entering Chernyakhovsk. You should take a left turn off the main road to Chernyakhovsk. The castle can still be restored.

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