Top 5 Things Insterburg (present Chernyakhovsk) was Famous for.

The city of Chernyakhovsk (German name of it was Insterburg) attracts more and more tourists nowadays. The reason is simple. It has examples of very beautiful architecture from the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th cent., which is very well-preserved up till now. And moreover – amateurs of Eastern-Prussian history can see two castles from the 14th cent. One is Insterburg castle located in the city and the other one is Georgenburg located in the village of Mayovka – 3 km from Chernyakhovsk. Both castles are under restoration right now, so they are partly restored. Excursions are held.Ruins of Georgenburg castle

What are these Top 5 Things Insterburg (present Chernyakhovsk) was famous for?

1. The very first trolley-bus in Germany appeared on the streets of Insterburg! Since the city was considered to be a fashionable one with expensive living, trams were too much noisy for the citizens, buses polluted the air, that’s why trolley-buses were chosen to be the main public transportation in Insterburg!
2. The system of narrow-gauge railroads (750 mm wide) was the longest in Eastern Prussia – 220 km! It connected all small villages (including agricultural ones) with Insterburg. Unfortunately, after World War II the railroad was dismantled, carriages were utilized and carried out to Russia.
3. Very strong beer was brewed in Insterburg – so called double beer. It was exported to Poland in big quantities. Two brewing factories were built in Insterburg.
4. Horses …. The city was famous for its horse breeding. Trakehner horses were once bread in Insterburg. First races were conducted in 1839 and since 1913 international equestrian tournaments became a regular event in Insterburg! The last one called “Insterburg week” was held in 1938.
5. The city was also famous for some of the secrets, mysteries that are kept till nowadays. One of them is hidden in the cellars of Georgenburg castle. They were flooded by the owner of the castle in the 19th cent. – Mr Simpson who died unexpectedly and didn’t reveal the secrets hidden in the castle’s cellars.

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