Top 5 Reasons to Visit the City of Svetlogorsk (ger. Raushen)

1820 is the date when Rauschen (now Svetlogorsk) was officially opened as a resort. In the beginning of the XX-th century it was a favourite resort for well-off people from Koenigsberg. By the beginning of World War II  the city turned into a highly-developed European resort with a network of hotels, medical centres. When you visit Kaliningrad region, there are several reasons why you should definitely go to the city of Svetlogorsk (ger. Rauschen).Sunset in Svetlogorsk
Here they are:
1. To improve Your health and feel great because Svetlogorsk is a unique city-resort that combines three important things: curative climate, mineral waters and therapeutic muds with picturesque landscape. It is also called a botanic garden!
2.  To see the famous water tower that is 25 m high and was built in 1900-1908, right now – sea water treatment centre. Sundial was installed on the tower in 1978. This tower is a symbol of Svetlogorsk, so called ‘postcard’ thing.
3. To get acquainted with famous people who lived here. The sea and coniferous trees, golden sand and steep shores attracted a lot of artists: famous and not, from far-away and nearby places, for a long or short time… famous writers, artists, sculptors visited this place. Among them: German Brahert (there’s a museum devoted to him in Otradnoye village – ger. Georgensvalde); Tomas Mann – world-famous writer, who lived for about 1 month near Kurhaus at Promenadeallee; Köte Kolvitz – sculptor, liked to spend summer time at her uncle’s house in Rauschen).
4. To feel romantic atmosphere. Svetlogorsk is a romantic place. Enjoy Serpentine road (ger. “Schlängelweg”) – a romantic road that leads to the seaside. During summer time stay up late in the evening looking at the beautiful sunset!
And the last reason #5. To see the beautiful building (called Hunter’s house before World War II) in style modern with plenty of wooden elements, decorations like in a fairy-tale. This building had a reason to be filmed in the Russian movie ‘Little Red Riding Hood’!

If you have already visited Svetlogorsk in Kaliningrad region, share with us your opinions by adding your comments below!

Written by Olga
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