Top 5 Reasons to Visit Kaliningrad region in 2017

More and more travellers are interested in exploring Kaliningrad in Russia during their holidays!

Here are for you Top 5 Reasons to Visit Kaliningrad region in the year of 2017:

1. Become an observer of the dramatic changes the city is experiencing due to the Football World Cup 2018

2. Take a New trip by the river Pregola on a comfortable ferry built at the shipyard in Kaliningrad and see the New stadium construction from the waterBaltic Sea in Kaliningrad region

3. Visit the Gambling zone “Yantarnaya” in the settlement Kulikovo located by the Sea in Kaliningrad region, 40 min from Kaliningrad – one of only 4 gambling zones allowed (by the Federal law) in Russia. The main buildings of this zone are opened, the construction works of other buildings and facilities are still underway.

4. Visit the Magnificent Curonian Spit – the most inspirational and adorable place for every Kaliningrad citizen. See it while it is still there for you. It is the second longest Spit in the world. Being protected by UNESCO, it has the second highest dune in Europe called Epha’s Height – 62 meters tall after The Great Dune of Pyla in France, la Dune du Pilat – 107 meters tall, washed by the Atlantic Ocean.

5. Take a look at the Amber-mine in Yantarny, where 90% of the world’s Amber supplies are concentrated! The Amber from here has the best quality in the world! Find out more about the unique Amber properties by visiting Primorskoye Amber Mine!

Welcome to Kaliningrad region in 2017 !

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Written by Olga Klyachina
2017@all rights reserved