Top 5 Answers/Tips on ‘where you should start’ if you’d like to travel to Kaliningrad

‘Where do I start? Where do we start?’ – These questions are often asked by the tourists who are going on  a visit to Kaliningrad region. We get these questions quite frequently by e-mail. And instead of replying every time we thought of publishing our answers here in this blog. So, below you’ll find the answers or tips on where you should start from if you stop on choosing Kaliningrad your point of destination whether for a business trip or just for vacations, and if you think can be your guide during your trip.

Top 5 Answers/Tips on ‘where you should start’ if you’d like to travel to Kaliningrad

  • First Think about the Exact Dates of Traveling. Good time for visiting is late spring, early autumn and summer;
  • Choose a Place to Stay – hotel or just a small guest house. We can be much of a help for you here;
  • Take Care of your Visa. We know it can be kind of a burden for you, but take it easy with our help. You tell us the exact dates of your staying, e-mail copy of your 1st passport page and in 1-3 days so called voucher and confirmation will be e-mailed to you;*
  • Think about your Transfer from the airport/train or bus station to the hotel. We can advice on how to get to the hotel or pick you up at any place;
  • Check with the Tours we have, maybe you’ll find an interesting one – then book it! Or share with us your ideas of what you’d like to see and we’ll suggest an itinerary for you.

That’s it! See you in Kaliningrad at any time of the year!

* Check with the Russian Embassy in your country, if they accept scanned copies or if they need original vouchers.

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With warm wishes from snowy Kaliningrad!

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