Top 3 Cities to Choose for Your Holidays in Russia

Thinking about travelling to Russia? And Trying to figure out what cities to visit in our big country?

Well, from our travellers’ opinions and experiences a perfect solution would be visiting three cities :

1. Moscow – the capital, a city of possibilities, business and money
2. St. Petersburg – a city of culture and education
3. Kaliningrad – a city of relaxation, the most European-minded city in Russia, with Unique History and Location. Magnificent Nature in Kaliningrad RegionKnown as Koenigsberg in the past, sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania, situated by the Baltic Sea, it can be adorable destination for all travelers! It has fascinated rich history, attractive beautiful nature and not a secret it can boast of its amber supplies!
Prussian, German, Soviet traces mixed with the modern Russian traits are to be observed on one land – the land of present Kaliningrad.
The city is waiting to be explored! Welcome to unveil its mysteries!
By the way, Moscow and St.Petersburg have everyday flight connections to Kaliningrad!

Combine visiting these three cities and your holidays will be full of impressions!

Share with us your opinions of visiting Kaliningrad region by adding your comments below!

Written by Olga Klyachina
2017@all rights reserved