Top 12 Things to See in Kaliningrad in Winter Time

Winter is not a pleasant time for visiting Russia, especially its middle part. You know most travelers avoid winter trips to Russia if it’s just for touristic purposes; it’s obvious that summer is more adorable season for sightseeing. But yet it can happen to you to be in Russia in a winter season whether on a business trip or just by occasion. What does winter in the isolated part of Russia – Kaliningrad region look like? Winter time in Kaliningrad

Usually it’s mild, plus 1-3 or just a few degrees below zero, can be rainy or snowy. By the facts taken from the book “Konigsberg, Kaliningrad. Information for consideration” written by Georgy Zaytsev, historically cold winters return to the Region every 8 years. This trend was confirmed by the severe (by Baltic standards) winter of 2005-2006, the previous one being in 1996-1997. This year winter in Kaliningrad was unpredictable: frosty, cold from its very beginning – so severe winter came in 2009-2010 to Kaliningrad which was not expected at all, the trend was not repeated. Is the climate change the one to blame?

Let’s back to the point, if you don’t have any other time of the year for visiting Kaliningrad but winter or you have some business issues to be solved during winter and you’re on your way to Kaliningrad and definitely coming to the city, you can be curious to know what spots, attractions can be available for you to see and visit at this time. There are plenty of them if you look around. So, don’t think you may get bored in Kaliningrad. Your trip here even in winter time will not be disappointing. You’ll be startled by some spots. And I have no doubt You will get back home with only cherished impressions by seeing attractions and doing things beyond your wildest dreams.

If it’s rather cold ‘outside’ and you want to make yourself comfortable with the weather, spend your time indoors. Here’s for you:

Top 6 Places to See and Visit ‘Indoors’ in Kaliningrad in Winter Time

1. Submarine + Museum Vityaz

2. Art and History Museum

3. Museum – King’s or Friedland Gates

4. Bunker Museum – Blindazh Lasch

5. Kant’s Cathedral

And 6. Of course, Cozy cafes and Restaurants!
Gashtet Rossgarten (Chernyakhovskogo str. 78a), Reduit (Litovskiy Vall str. 27) with a tasty beer brewed inside are recommended.

If the weather allows you to be outside without feeling uncomfortable because of the rain, snow, hail, strong wind, frost etc. there are some places that can be perfect points of your destination in Kaliningrad in winter.

Top 6 Places to See and Visit ‘Outdoors’ in Kaliningrad in Winter Time

1. Open-air war memorial Fort #5

2. Royal Castle – excavation site

3. Defensive fortifications – Brandenburg Gates, Lithuanian Wall, Dohna Tower, Wrangel Tower.

4. Old German houses, buildings in Amalienau district – Pobedy av., Schilera str., Komsomolskaya str., Chapaeva str., Ogareva str.

5. Pyramid from 1921

6. Monument to 1200 Soviet soldiers, eternal flame

Don’t forget to bundle up and Enjoy Your Stay in Kaliningrad in Winter Time!

Share your own travel experience of visiting Kaliningrad in winter, add your comments below!

Written by Olga
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