Top 10 Things to See in Baltiysk (Kaliningrad region)

It’s time to visit Baltiysk – the westernmost port of Russia, which previous name was Pillau – the most important city of the Duchy of Prussia and Germany.  ”My small Amsterdam’ – these words related to Pillau were said by King Friedrich Wilhelm I. No entry permission is needed right now, so all foreign guests can see it any time since January 2010. Only on special military occassions (military trainings) the city may be closed for visitors. I bet you’re wondering what attractions can be available for you to see in Baltiysk. Here’s to help you:

Top 10 Things to See in Baltiysk

1. Fortress of 1626 (citadel) in the form of a star, started by Swedes, finished by Prussians, modernized by Germans (check google map and see the star)
2. Lighthouse of 1816 with observation ground
3. St. George Naval Cathedral – the Gothic style building (1866)
4. Museum of the Baltic Fleet (1903)
5. Water and observation towers (beg. of the 20th cent.)
6. Monument to Peter I (1998)
7. Complex Elizaveta’s fort with equestrian statue of Elizaveta (2004)
8. The Baltic Square of Honour to those who perished in Pillau during World War II
9. Underwater flooded tunnel that lead from Pillau to Frishe Nerung /from Baltiysk to the Baltic Spit
10. Maybe you will have a chance to see some ships leaving the military harbour!

Enjoy your stay in Baltiysk (Pillau) that is full of unsolved mysteries and secrets! Trip to this land can be a real adventure for you!

Share your own travel experience of visiting Baltiysk in Kaliningrad region, add your comments below!

Written by Olga
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