Thank you for a lovely time on our visit to Kaliningrad. We enjoyed it very much and have been singing the praises of the area and your tour company to anyone who will listen! On the Thursday we walked around the west side of the city near to our hotel – Prospekt Mira, the cosmonaut memorial, the cinema and the old houses. We also went to the bunker museum of the German surrender.

With our very best wishes
Lewis and Hannah, London, UK
January, 2019

InKaliningrad organized a perfect 1-day excursion for us starting and ending in Frombork (Poland), including picking up and dropping at our hotel in Frombork, passing the border to and fro, and guiding us to the sites of interest in the city.
Irina did her job very well, as well as Jewgenij!
Uwe, Germany
September 2018

Thank you SO much for the great tour you took us on! We really loved it, and had a great time. You shared so much of your knowledge with us, and we’re so happy to have you as our guide!
We got in time for the concert – ballet and piano music – and did enjoy it, for sure.
Thanks again!
Ellen, Norway
August 2018

Thank you for showing us around Kaliningrad and looking for my Mother’s house.
We had a wonderful time and enjoyed your company.
All the best for the future, hopefully one day you will visit Australia.
Kindest regards,
Ros, Mark, Kate and India
July 2018

Firstly, with regards to Alexander, what a great guy. Extremely helpful, great driver and very polite, thank you so much for organising the transfers and please pass on my thanks to Alexander. Our stay in Kaliningrad was absolutely fantastic, I’ve travelled extensively all over the world but have never come across such a warm welcome has we did in Kaliningrad. Obviously travelling with a disabled person does bring with it its challenges but to be honest we were never far from an helping hand. Please thank Irina, she certainly knew a lot about the local history and the various land marks and again very helpful and considerate with us all. With regards to your Web site, when I first came across it the first thing that struck me was your own passion and love for the country and city you live in and having now seen it first hand I can understand why. Thank you so much for everything you provided for us. I truly wish you all the success for the future and perhaps one day we will meet up.
Carl, Switzerland
June 2018

Olga was advised to me by a friend who went to Kaliningrad before me. He strongly advised me to ask Olga to show me Kaliningrad and surroundings because she is, he said, the best guide in town. And right he was. I saw Kaliningrad city, the northern part of the coastal area (including the Curonian Spit) and the east of the oblast (Chernyakhovsk and surroundings). Olga arranged a special three day tour for me, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Olga is extremely well informed, adjustes the programma just to your wishes, is an excellent driver, a pleasant companion and knows all the hidden treasures and everyting about the history of this fascinating and exciting piece of Europe. When I return (what I certainly intend to do) I don’t have think twice. Olga will be my guide, now for the north of the region and the southern part of the coastal area.
Eric from Netherlands
May 2018

I just arrived back to Malta, Kaliningrad was super and even the people. I have been in Russia 4 times so its my second country now:) The tour leader was very very good.
Shawn from Malta
December 2017

I spent a morning with Olga for a four-hour tour in the city. She told me everything about Kaliningrad, its history and its present. Seeing a city with somebody who lives there is the best way to know it really, and with Olga it was amazing.
Maria Elena from Italy
December 2017

Dear Olga,
We were very happy about Alyona, she did great job. Her knowlidge of
history, nature and local life was amazing. Very good guide! Thank You
very much!
Hope to come again.
Malle and a group from Estonia
October 2017

Olga Klyachina had great knowledge and was a good communicator and a
pleasant person to be with. Thank you all – I had a fantastic day in

Elizabeth (Norway)
September 2017

Anyway, I wanted to take a moment to thank you again. I knew going into this trip it would be a special one, particularly because we had three generations of the family exploring the “homeland.” But, Olga, you made it even more special! Your wonderful attitude. Your helpfulness. Your hard work, often on your own time, after the bus tour was done for the day. Your listening to what we wanted and accommodating us. Your faultless English. Your excellent recommendations. Your flexibility. Your energy. I could go on and on. You are fabulous! Thank you so much!

Evelyne (USA)
August 2017

Dear Olga,
back in Berlin I’d like to say THANKS again – thanks for guiding us in & around Kaliningrad. I especially enjoyed our tour to the Coronian Spit, what a wonderful place!
Take care,
schöne Grüße,
Kiki (Germany)
July 2017

I want to thank you again for the fantastic service you gave us. YOU ARE AWESOME!
Thank you again and best wishes.
Ulli (USA)
July 2017

Thank you so much, Lina, for the pictures and the wonderful tour today! You were exceptional!
I had so much fun with you.
I am currently at the London pub and finished my falafels 🙂 Thank you for the excellent recommendation.
Tessa (USA)
June 2017

Hi Olga,

We are all back in Denmark and is looking back to a really good tour.
We enjoyed the days and your flexibility with my friends, the many guestions and your open mind 🙂

Brian (Denmark)
May 2017

It was one of the most informed walking tours with Lina I have ever taken in the world. It was very informative and she gave me a quite a deep understanding of the city. Let me know if you ever come to India and would be happy to host you / Lina and show you the city.

Pranav (India)
May 2017

Thank you very much for the helpful and informative tour today. We very much enjoyed both the visit to the Brasdorf area as well as the highlights of Kaliningrad. Also thank you for all your help in getting the bus tickets.

Marianne (Canada)
May 2017

Dear Olga,
Our roommate (in „Stockholm“ at Koikago) from Germany mentioned the tour she took with you on Saturday and forwarded your greetings, thank you, and as well for your informative and insightful walking tour on Friday. Based on the happyend-story of the survived hippo you told then, we head to the Zoo on our last day in Kaliningrad ;).
Back in Zurich this morning, we send our best regards and wishes to Kaliningrad.
In case you will visit Switzerland in future, please don’t hesitate to contact us :).
Hope to meet you again!
Xixi & Simon
April 2017

Dear Olga,
what a great and interesting day. Thank you for your assistance and for our discussions about so many interesting subjects.
I liked to meet such an intelligent (but sometimes shy) person.
Peter, Germany
August 2016

Hello Olga,
I want to thank you again for the nice and interesting tour. Afterwards we visited the Kant museum and had a nice dinner at Hmel.
Hans, Netherlands
July 2016

Dear Ola
Hope you had a good trip back to Kaliningrad. Thank you again for the tour and the explanations!
All the best for you and your business,
Daniel, Switzerland
June 2016

We’re now on the bus on our way back home. Thanks again for the tour! Everything worked out fine with the taxi. The money is fine, take it as extra fee for complicated questions!
Tom, Germany
May 2016

I decided to visit Kaliningrad from Gdasnk. I booked Olga for a days sightseeing of the history from WW2( Great Patrotic War). She sent me an itinerary a couple of weeks before.
My tour was extremely interesting and she was a brilliant guide. Not only did we see everything I wanted to see but also chatted about life in our own countries
Her English is fantastic and able to translate everything
Highly recommended
Thanks Olga for a fantastic day
April 2016

Wish you best success. you were giving me in such short time a real good overview and i will recommend you to everybody who will ask.
Uwe, Switzerland, March 2016

Congratulations to your very nice homepage and business idea! I got a lot of information about Kaliningrad from your homepage.
Fredy, Switzerland, March 2016

Thank you for helping to arrange our fantastic visit to Sovetsk and Kaliningrad! Olga Danilova was a knowledgable, reliable, energetic and generous guide in both cities. Flawless English. She had carried out extensive research prior to our arrival to suit our interests in family and Jewish history. Friendly and fast communication by email made organising the program and transport a snap. Thank you!
Michael – Sydney, Australia, June, 2015

Hi Olga, So I would thank you again for the trip to Cernjachowsk that Barbara and myself could do with you. You are a wonderful guide, well informed, well prepared, interested and interesting. I will recommend you to everyone who is interested in the very special Kaliningrad Region and its history.
Ruedi Eichenberger, Sept 27th, 2014

Dear Olga Thank you for the wonderful day we spent together today 🙂 .
Warm greetings, Barbara
Sept 10th, 2014

Olga, Thanks for the trip today. You did a great job and looked after all of us really well.
Nick. Aug 24th, 2014

Dear Olga, Thank you so very much for your material. It is really appreciated. We enjoyed your guidance and professionalism while in Kaliningrad. Sieglinde. Aug 18th, 2014

Thank you for your tours. The excursions were greatly appreciated,
Johannes + group from Sweden. Aug 8th, 2014

Many thanks for a splendid day out on Saturday it was very interesting and enjoyable and we both had a great time. When you visit England we would like to have the opportunity to show you around our little bit of the country,
Very best wishes, Robert and Debby. July 7th, 2014

Thank you for your guiding! You are great, have a lot of knowledge and is very easy to be with. Be proud of yourself! About free Internet at the airport: YES, Kaliningrad has it.
Svein Inge, Norway. April 18th, 2014

We would like to thank you for making our visit to Kaliningrad memorable. The city is impressive particularly with the insights that were provided. The food was exceptional once we were shown how to eat from the all inclusive lunch menus that were available until 5 o’clock. The people here are friendly and polite and we felt safe always. We were impressed by how trim and fit the people here in Kaliningrad are, perhaps it is because they walk a lot. Our request for WWII history of this part of East Prussia was fully met. This experience will enhance our discussions of my book about the area at the end of the war. The visit to the Curonian Spit was great. The spits on the Baltic coast are unique in nature and the history is fascinating. Our lunch of smoked eel was delicious. Thank you again for your excellent communication during the arrangement of our trip. We hardily recommend your services to visitors to Kaliningrad and please use us as a recommendation. Thanks again.
Jack & Evelyne. Reno, Nevada USA

I did meet Olga personally and I think she is great, and so is the information she provides on her internet site. On my next visit to Kaliningrad, which will be soon I hope, I will ask Olga to show me all beautifull places in the city and the oblast.
Willem van Drunen

Late, but not too late, we are going to thank you very much again for your help and assistance during our lovely trip through Königsberg and surroundings. 
Remaining with kind regards, Birgit and Peter

We had a great 2 days! Our tour guide was Elena who speaks excellent English. Elena knows her country well and is very informative. Nothing was too much trouble and we learnt a lot about the area. The tour price was clear and if we went over the allowed time (which we did) we knew exactly what the cost would be – no hidden charges. Lots of smiley people live there! Highly recommended
Philip Lanc

Olga, My wife and I had a very enjoyable tour with you this past Saturday. You seemed to have a knack to avoid the crowds at the busier locations such as the Amber museum and the view from the lighthouse overlooking the Kant cathedral was fantastic. Top the sites off with a great lunch at a very unique location and it all adds up to a great day. Your excellent English is far better than our Russian and you made us feel comfortable and opened parts of the city that we did not know existed. Looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful region with you the next time we are in Kaliningrad. Thank you again
Phil and Carol – Pennslvania USA

Dear Olga , We would like to thank you again for the well organized tours. so all in all a very successful trip. Thanks also to Kristina who has driven her little bus so perfectly. Kind regards,

Hello Olga, I am from India and my partner is from Russia. We have been planning a trip to Kaliningrad for many months. Probably we would decide in the summers of 2012. Your article has been very informative about the region, moreover there is real passion in your words about Kaliningrad. We hope to explore the historical city more under your guidance.
Best wishes Tatiana & Sandeep

Dear Olga, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my time in Kaliningrad and the two days driving with you to Polessk/Labiau and the Curonian Spit. Both days were so interesting and I saw my German ancestors homeland and villages and amazing beautiful scenery on the Curonian Spit. I’ve yet to look at all my photos! The only disappointment I have was running out of time, however, that is a good reason to plan another trip to Kaliningrad. I will certainly mention your name to friends travelling to Kaliningrad. Thank you for all the excellent translation from Russian to English and the informative tours.
Sincerely, Jan from Australia

We’re back home, after a wonderful time in Kaliningrad. Unfortunately, I couldn’t meet you, but I hope next year the team will come back and maybe I can join them… This is a short one to thank you for all your efforts to make my stay pleasant. Anna was just great: She took me to beautiful places and told me interesting stories about the sites. I hope to come back to Kaliningrad and explore the eastern side of the region.
Take care and best regards, Veronica from Israel

I had a great day, particularly enjoyed seeing the different memorials, especially the 1200 guardsmen memorial, as well as the cathedral and the amber museum. I found the history both fascinating and sad at the same time; and am very glad I came. Anna was a friendly and knowlegable guide.

Dear Ola, Thanks for all the pictures of Kaliningrad. My father was born there and leaving the place must have been terrible, but that was then. Shure, the place must have changed and other peole live there now – but such is the story of the world. I am happy to get a glimpse of somebody who lives there now!
All the best from Brussels, Belgium Corinna O’Brien

Hola Olga, very nice blog ! congratulations !

I was able to visit Baltysk to stay with a friend. I was a very interesting place to see with many monuments and old buildings. When the weather is good one can cross by ferry to see the village on the other side of the harbour. There was a good restuarant near the hotel with waitresses dressed as Russian Sailors. Also by chance I found a bar located in an underground cellar which was as good as any I have seen in Prague or Cracow. It is a welcome development that tourism is being developed here with the easing of permit restrictions.

 Hi! Ola Thank you, I enjoyed your article of Koenigsberg. I was born there in 1935 I think about my home and wished it would be like it was. I live in the USA now.
Edith Buck