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10 Things a Traveler should keep in mind when going for a trip to Kaliningrad region

Royal Castle in old Koenigsberg

Going abroad is always exciting but you may be disappointed by some realities of the country when you’re already there. Be prepared to some aspects of life in Kaliningra d region beforehand. Hope this information will be useful for all tourists. Here’s 10 Things for You to Keep in Mind on Your Way to Experience Kaliningrad region: 1. Be patient ...

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Top 5 Answers/Tips on ‘where you should start’ if you’d like to travel to Kaliningrad

‘Where do I start? Where do we start?’ – These questions are often asked by the tourists who are going on  a visit to Kaliningrad region. We get these questions quite frequently by e-mail. And instead of replying every time we thought of publishing our answers here in this blog. So, below you’ll find the answers or tips on where ...

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