Kaliningrad for World Cup 2018- Top 5 Things To Do For Fans!

Fans from England, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Serbia, Croatia and two African countries – Nigeria and Marocco will come to Kaliningrad in June 2018 to cheer up their national football teams. If you are one of them, we have created a special program for you! It will help you to explore the city from all angles and deeply feel its atmosphere, its cosiness and friendliness! People are warm and welcoming here!

With Top 5 Things To Do we offer
Kaliningrad and its surrounding areas!

1. SEE its architecture: charming gothic-style Cathedral, Gates and Forts from the 19th century, Soviet style buildings! SEE our region’s beautiful Seaside Resorts that stretch up to 150 km and famous World Amber Quarry. Seeing the most beautiful delights of this Baltic seaside region is possible with our private or organized tours by comfortable coach/minivan.

2. LISTEN to the city’s noises by strolling along old pedestrian streets in picturesque Amalienau or Maraunenhof areas which look very much like in Germany. Cobbled streets at Mira Av. and leafy parks in the city centre have their own sounds too! By the way Kaliningrad is a city of organ music festivals, so Listen to the magic sounds of organs in the Koenigsberg Cathedral. We can organize all of these to be included in the City Tour Program.

3. TOUCH the city’s incredible history with our Walking Tours where we explore the main sights of this formerly communist hidden gem. Kaliningrad is a pleasant town to walk around! By Touching city’s historical buildings, bridges, manholes etc. you will feel its ambiguity.

4. TASTE local diverse food! Kaliningrad has its own unique taste that belongs only to it! Being formed during the centuries, some traditions of this ‘taste’ date back to Koenigsberg times. During Craft Breweries Tour you will taste local beer and visit exclusive beer shop! It is a perfect mix of refreshment and Kaliningrad’s history. With taking our Food Tour you will get a flavour of Kaliningrad’s local cuisine!

5. SMELL its spectacular nature by taking a tour to the Curonian Spit – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and other seaside places! By walking along the clean nearly-white sand beaches smell the fresh sea air with a large amount of iodine! Smell the natural scents of evergreens and other trees which are proved to lower our blood pressure!

In other words you will experience Kaliningrad and its surroundings with all your five senses!

You will Laugh, Drink, Eat and Learn the history with InKaliningrad Team!
Nothing happens here without us knowing!

And, last but not least, the cost of the tours is sensible! We just Love What We Do! Our passion and dedication are a driving force for us to show you around!

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