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Group Tours in 2021 in Kaliningrad region

Book Now, Save Later… Group Tours Kaliningrad We are happy to announce that we have launched small group tours in English and German from June 2019! Our city tours run every Friday and Saturday! Svetlogorsk and Curonian Spit Tours, Baltiysk and Yantarny – every Sunday! Due to the free e-visas the number of foreign visitors has increased in the Kaliningrad ...

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Kaliningrad for World Cup 2018- Top 5 Things To Do For Fans!

Fans from England, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Serbia, Croatia and two African countries – Nigeria and Marocco will come to Kaliningrad in June 2018 to cheer up their national football teams. If you are one of them, we have created a special program for you! It will help you to explore the city from all angles and deeply feel its atmosphere, ...

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Why Book Our Guides during Your Visit to Kaliningrad Region

ChristCathedral Kaliningrad

It is not a secret that tourists’ impressions of the country, city they are visiting, depend on the Local Tour Guide at some extent. Every Guide has an individual approach in delivering information.  Some of them are too much focused on historical issues and may sound boring. The others are very strict to the itinerary and cannot change the program ...

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Top 3 Cities to Choose for Your Holidays in Russia

Magnificent Nature

Thinking about travelling to Russia? And Trying to figure out what cities to visit in our big country? Well, from our travellers’ opinions and experiences a perfect solution would be visiting three cities : 1. Moscow – the capital, a city of possibilities, business and money 2. St. Petersburg – a city of culture and education 3. Kaliningrad – a ...

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Kaliningrad region in 2017

More and more travellers are interested in exploring Kaliningrad in Russia during their holidays! Here are for you Top 5 Reasons to Visit Kaliningrad region in the year of 2017: 1. Become an observer of the dramatic changes the city is experiencing due to the Football World Cup 2018 2. Take a New trip by the river Pregola on a comfortable ...

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Top 6 Ecotourism places to visit in Kaliningrad region

Visiting nature

Warm spring months and summer days are just around the corner. It’s the right time for travelling! Enjoying nature or so called ecotourism has become popular among the tourists for the past few years.  Everyone can get tired of noisy life in the city and we are attracted by far-away places, where we can be pleased by the silence of the ...

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Top 5 Interesting Facts to Know About Amber

Kaliningrad region concentrates up to 90% of the World Amber supplies. Amber that was used for the legendary Amber room of Catherine II is the most-often met word connected with this area and a must-buy item for every tourist to bring home from Kaliningrad. Here you can read about 5 Interesting Facts connected with Amber: 1. In ancient times Amber was valuated ...

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit the City of Svetlogorsk (ger. Raushen)

Sunset in Svetlogorsk

1820 is the date when Rauschen (now Svetlogorsk) was officially opened as a resort. In the beginning of the XX-th century it was a favourite resort for well-off people from Koenigsberg. By the beginning of World War II  the city turned into a highly-developed European resort with a network of hotels, medical centres. When you visit Kaliningrad region, there are ...

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Top 5 Things to Know from the History of Curonian Spit

Museum of the Curonian Spit

Curonian Spit (ger. Kurische Nehrung) is the main attraction for all tourists who come to Kaliningrad region. It has perfect nature to enjoy, the bird station founded in 1901, sand dunes and of course rich history that is known not by everyone. Here’s for you Top 5 Things to Know from the History of Curonian Spit: 1. The fleet of the ...

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Top 5 Things to Know about Teutonic Knight


In the 13th century Teutonic Knights Order understook a campaign to conquer the Prussian lands. This is how the fortress Koenigsberg was founded and in 1525 became the capital of the Order. Who were those Teutonic Knights? Now you will know that: 1. The Knights lived in the castles (around 40 of them were built on the territory of present Kaliningrad ...

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