Inkaliningrad.com Team Welcomes You in Kaliningrad region will all our gracious and genuine hospitality!

Our Main Focus is to Provide High-quality Guiding Services to All Our Visitors, to Make Their Vacation in Our Friendly City Kaliningrad a Special and Memorable one!

How it all started and a Team of Guides:

The idea of creating this website came up to the head and founder Olga when she graduated from the University in 2006. The tourist services for foreigners were very poor at that time. It all started as a hobby for her, when she combined her work as an office-manager for the company with working as a guide during weekends. When Olga gave birth to her son in early 2012, she decided to devote herself full-time to her business. She put a lot of time and efforts to creating new projects which helped to improve the touristic services for foreign visitors in Kaliningrad region and helped to make an easier access to guiding services for the visitors. The number of Kaliningrad visitors and those who chose the services from 2007 grew from 5 people per year to 50 individual tourists and a few organized groups in 2015. The interest in Kaliningrad has been increased for the past few years and the number of tourists is still growing. A relatively small area between Poland and Lithuania has become quite popular among foreign visitors because of its unique history, fascinating nature and developed infrastructure.

Here is Inkaliningrad.com Team, a team of  local Kaliningrad tour guides, who are polite, friendly, helpful and skilled!
They all will make Your stay awesome in Kaliningrad!


Olga Klyachina
Olga was born and still lives in Kaliningrad. She enjoys travelling. She is bright, broad-minded and always on the move with new ideas and projects. She is very creative and often offers a variety of solutions/options for the tourists to make their stay in Kaliningrad unforgettable. She speaks English and Polish. “Guiding has some challenges, yet this is the most rewarding and fulfilling job ever for me! I am so passionate about it; love it with all my heart. It allows me to represent my own city with a rich history, share the best of Kaliningrad, communicate with people of all ages and backgrounds. Seeing happy smiles on tourists’ faces and getting feedback is so inspiring and makes me feel incredibly fulfilled. Guiding is exciting, creational and so much fun. That’s what it means for me.”

Olga Danilova
She is called “Rainbow”, she is always energetic, enthusiastic and full of devotion to her job, very knowledgeable because she has been working as a guide in Kaliningrad since 1992. By the way, she is a friend of Michael Palin, who is an English actor, writer and television presenter and well-known today for his televised adventures around the world (http://palinstravels.co.uk/book-4295).English-speaking guide Kaliningrad

“Guiding for me means to share what I know about my city and show it from the angle, which makes it worth visiting and recommending to others. For people around the world to recognize that it is not a misprint on the map of Europe, but a very special part of Russia with unusual history and geographical location. It is also about meeting all kinds of people, whom otherwise I wouldn’t have met, to learn from them and realize yet once again that instead of putting up walls and borders we should build roads and bridges”.

Olga Mikhaylova
She is a mine of information about Kaliningrad region! She knows every little historical detail and at the same time she is always up-to-date with the new things/events going on in Kaliningrad. Olga is very professional and her excursions are always interesting and unforgettable. “Guiding for me is an excellent opportunity to let people learn more about my wonderful city and region. The region is very special, with its very complicated history, but loved by local people. It is my pleasure to show visitors the traces of the past and the changes taking place now. I enjoy meeting new people, making new friends and sharing my love to Kaliningrad with others”.

Lina Kramen

Lina is our English and Swedish speaking guide. She is born and bred in Kaliningrad, has excellent communication skills and enjoys researching and hunting for interesting facts about her hometown. She has both educational and professional backgrTour Guide Kaliningradound in languages, culture and social studies. Her extensive experience in working among local architects, archaeologists and museum specialists combined with personal enthusiasm will make her company interesting and enjoyable. “Being a tour guide is the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. Meeting people from all over the world, showing them what makes Kaliningrad unique and making them feel the amazing spirit of my hometown, full of contrasts and contradictions, is the best job I can ever imagine doing”.

All together they are ready to any challenges you may ask for while visiting Kaliningrad area!

We are looking forward to Welcome You in our Beautiful City of Kaliningrad!