5 Interesting Facts from Koenigsberg life

Koenigsberg is the name of the city before 1945…
Did you know that:
1. Koenigsberg was one of the first towns where klopses, marzipans, ‘tripe’ soup were cooked for the first time.
2. All houses in Knaiphof (now Kant’s island) were built on the oaky piles which were rammed in the ground until they reached the firm soil. The soil was very swampy. German people lived in Knaiphof cellars after the storm of Koenigsberg up till their deportation.Kaliningrad in the Past
3. The most colourful and favourite holiday among Koenigsberg citizens was the one of the long sausage. The longest sausage was more than 400m (in 1601).
4. Koenigsberg was a staging post between Russia and countries of Northern and Central Europe. Only in the 18th cent. the city had its own ships being built there.
5. ‘Blood justice’ (ger. Blutgericht) was the name of the most popular restaurant in Koenigsberg which was located in the cellars of the Royal castle. Hitler adored wine called ‘Blutgericht #7’ and it was delivered regularly for him from the cellars of the Royal Castle to Berlin. Someone counted that 7 glasses of this thick and dark-red wine were enough for a person to have a blackout and lie under the table 🙂

Have a good time in Kaliningrad!

Written by Olga
2014@all rights reserved

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