10 Things a Traveler should keep in mind when going for a trip to Kaliningrad region

Going abroad is always exciting but you may be disappointed by some realities of the country when you’re already there. Be prepared to some aspects of life in Kaliningra d region beforehand. Hope this information will be useful for all tourists.

Here’s 10 Things for You to Keep in Mind on Your Way to Experience Kaliningrad region:

1. Be patient if crossing the border takes more time than you expect; Royal Castle in old Koenigsberg
2. Public transportation in the city is quite good, but you won’t find any timetables on the bus/tram stops;
3. There are no websites with info on the city transportation system;
4. In most restaurants menu is not in English;
5. If travelling by car – beware of some potholes, manholes and cobblestone roads   and be careful – the traffic is heavy in the city but the most dangerous for you can be the Russian drivers who are called here ‘crazy’;
6. Receiving calls from your relatives or friends can cost you a fortune when you’re far from home, take care of Kaliningrad local Sim cards, they can be bought in kiosks or there’s an opportunity to buy International Sim card;
7. Kaliningrad weather can be unpredictable – be ready for any of its changes, expect rains and strong winds in autumn and beginning of winter;
8. Take taxis with counters only, so you won’t be cheated;
9. There’s a lack of access ramps and lifts for disabled travellers;
And 10. If you’d like to stay in the city just for 2-3 days, bear in mind that there’s a possibility to get 3-days’ visas at the borders with Kaliningrad.

 Enjoy Your Staying in Kaliningrad Region!

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Written by Olga
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