Visiting a unique Russian area sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania? Having problems with finding the Guide?


It is created for both backpackers and sophisticated elderly groups! is the only place, where you can have the NEW Free Walking Tour around the City.

Kant's Island, Kaliningrad

NEW Inkaliningrad Free Walking Tour will help you get your bearings in the most European-minded city of Russia and allow you to make the most of your stay here! The guide walks you through the history of Kaliningrad, from its start as a Prussian settlement Tvangste, as a land Koenigsberg to becoming one of the most beautiful cities of Eastern Prussia before World War II and now Amber capital of the world being a significant mostwestern part of Russia. We will tell you the stories you’d never hear. You will get to know the best parts of Kaliningrad and hear some “secrets” of this marvelous place with very special identity. We aim to give you a perfect introduction to Kaliningrad.

After the NEW Free Walking Tour you’ll have all the time you want to explore further with fellow travelers. We are so passionate about sharing the best of Kaliningrad with you!

Meeting point for the tour is the House of Soviet, address: Central sq., Leninskij Prospect, 81
In the middle of the tour you will have 15 min tea/coffee break.

Every Friday at 10am after breakfast starting from March 18th, 2016!

Choose your day and sign-up for the tour by emailing at:

Please, email us the following information:
1. Country of your residence.
2. Age.
3. Date of the tour (remember we have it only on Fridays so far)

We always recommend you to sign-up. In case of no visitors “by email”  the guide will not show up.

Make sure you had your hearty meals before the sightseeing to have your batteries charged for 3-4 hours of brisk walking!
See you!

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